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Our Products

We offer Home Lifts, Platform/Goods Lifts, Industrial Lifts and Stair Lifts and our standard product range includes:

Traction with Machine Room

Classic lifts are also known as the traditional lift and it uses traction between the lift ropes and the machines sheave, placed in a lift motor room. It drives the lifts up and down and is counterbalanced with a counterweight. The introduction of the electronic driving of lift motors (VVVF), together with the demand for long travels, has brought the classic traction lift again into the market. We offer a complete range of traction lift packages to satisfy all kind of applications.

Traction MRL Lift (Machine Room less)

The MRL Traction Lift eliminates the disadvantage of the classic traction lift, which is the need for a machine room. The MRL traction machine is fitted inside the shaft whilst the controller is fitted in a stainless steel, cabinet usually adjacent to the top floor landing doorpost.

Elevators and Travolators

At Trent Park Engineering, we have agency agreement with renowned escalator manufacturers for supplying escalators and travolators characterised by:

  • Innovative stylish design
  • Indoor or outdoor installation
  • Manufactured according to ΕΝ115 operation
  • Superior riding comfort and exceptional quietness
  • Safe demarcation line

What we can do for you

Trent Park Lifts cover most aspects of lift design through our manufacturers and lift suppliers. We always endeavor to understand what your requirements are and design the products to fit these requirements, incorporating budgetary and architectural limitations.